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Beban Park Golf Course & Driving Range

  • Players are responsible for any damages to property or to other persons on or off the golf course caused by their actions while on the golf course.
  • Teeing off  mats is compulsory.  All players must tee off #1 unless staff approves otherwise.
  • Please repair ball marks on greens and replace your divots.
  • Play one ball only.
  • Slow playing groups with an open hole in front should allow faster players to play through.
  • Play ready golf if your groups is falling behind.
  • Wait until preceding players are off the green before teeing off. 
  • Please move to next tee before recording your score.
  • Lost ball or ball out of bounds beyond the fences.  Penalty - stroke and distance (2 strokes)
  • Shirts must be worn at all times.
  • Free drop off roadways, cultivated areas and casual water.
  • Please keep your golf bag and pull cart off the putting greens.
Green Fees

Golf Course Rates

Adult Special ( green  fee & 1 range token)
Youth (up to 14 yrs)
Youth Special (green fee & 1 range token)

2nd Round 
$  5.00

10 - 11 hole rounds                                
25 - 11 hole rounds



Youth - Golf only
$  90.00




The golf course is an 11 hole Pitch 'n Putt course with the longest hole measuring 90 yards.  It is perfect for beginners, families and anyone looking for a quick and enjoyable round of golf.

Rules and Etiquette

Annual Passes
Punch Cards

 No tee times required.

Each player must have their own clubs.